Givers Herbal Centre​

The company has been providing the most reliable herbal medicine (Givers Herbal Mixture, Koo Capsules, P Capsules) for years, with a far reaching market across the country and outside Ghana.

Givers ice

Within a few years, our mineral water (Givers Ice) has also become a household name as a result of its unique relishing taste which leaves lasting impression in the minds of all who drink. ​


Givers Packaging (Bottling) provides the most ergonomic and user-friendly bottles for packaging drinks and medicine.


Our skin-friendly household cleaning products from Givers Clean Care (sanitizer, liquid soap, bleach, glass cleaner, multi-purpose cleaner, and antiseptic) have provided a healthier solution for all who had skin irritation from using inferior products, most especially with its complimenting fragrance.

Givers PRINT

Ideas become a picturesque reality with Givers Print as we make your brand stand out with exquisite designs