Givers Clean Care



Givers liquid detergent is an all-purpose cleaner. For laundry: Pour a desirable amount in clear water to wash clothes of all colours. Can be used to clean dishes, tiles, floors, counters, tubs, toilets etc. Available in all leading super markets and shops.

Kills 99% germs
For first aid: Mix 1 capful of Givers antiseptic with water. Wash with the solution of and cover the area with gauze. Bathing: Add 1- 2 capful to clean water for a refreshing bath. For household Use laundry, floors, hard surfaces.

Givers multi-purpose cleaner is the secret weapon in your cleaning arsenal. Can be used as an after wash: pour a little into clean water for rinsing of your cloth. Safe to use on wide variety of surfaces, cut through grease. Leaves a soothing fragrance right after cleaning. 
Removes colored impurities from fabric and increases the whiteness level.
To use, pour into clear water and soak white fabrics only.
Cleaning: Pour into clear water for your floor and surface cleaning.
A versatile solvent for cleaning windows and any other type of glass in and around the house, sanitize sink, appliances, and countertops. You can pour a little capful in water for dishwashing to cut through grease. Keep those windows clean and lasting longer.
Leaves your W/C clean and free from bacteria. Pour and clean your W/C with a desiring amount. 
Contains 76% alcohol and kills more than 99.9% of germs, virus and bacteria. Apply and gently rub on the hands.